“Discover and Live your Passion and Purpose”

(Re) Discover you passion, purpose and personal genius and design a career/ business you love around them. 

You know you have a purpose, a greater potential. It feel like can you can be more, do more, live more.

If you are ready to live your life authentically, sharing your gifts with the world and receiving the best. If are ready to fulfill your potential. To discover and successfully realize your unique genius.

If you want to have a career you love, based on your personal genius. If you want to fulfill your potential and receive more for it.

The training module“Discover and Live your Passion and Purpose” is for you!

“Discover and Live your Passion and Purpose”

This training module helps you transform your career from a job that slips through your fingers to a career that brings you joy and fills your life with purpose.

“Discover and Live your Passion and Purpose” training module is the missing key component in modern education.

The training module helps you define the most suitable realization based on your talent and passion, and helps you identify the role in which you are most successful.

The module boots your confidence and helps you find the intersection between your passion and talent, where you can develop at a high level.

What is there for you?

“Discover and Live your Passion and Purpose”

  • gives you access to our innovative system for  personal career profile.
  • helps you define, validate, and discover which industry, role, and activities are most suitable for you and would bring you the most success.
  • guide you for pursuing your calling and assessing what career change you may need through a career change assessment test.

“Discover and Live your Passion and Purpose” outcomes:


Impoved results

3X better job satisfaction, inspiration, and sense of purpose.


clarity and direction

Achievements in the field of your passion and talents that make you proud of yourself.



5X mastery in your craft  within a year – your net worth increases with your mastery 


goals you love

The next level in your life and career – significant career fulfillment that fuels your goals

Leadership starts with self-awareness, purpose and passion.

Only authentic purpose and passion are contagious.

We inspire others through our own enthusiasm and build confidence based on our authentic essence.

“Discover and Live your Passion and Purpose” helps you get there. 

“Discover and Live your Passion and Purpose” roadmap:

Your personal profile

  • passion 
  • talents 
  • values 
  • your avatar

Defining your best career path and nitch

  • Mandala of Your Calling
  • Personal project for fulfilling the Calling

Expand your profile to uncover your calling

  • The personal Avatar Matrix – determine the personal avatar and
  • Creative sessions for uncovering your passion
  • 360-degree self-reflection, feedback, and talent questionnaires
  • Intuitive exercise to discover values
  • Passion and talents questionnaires 

Form awareness to results

  • a 5-day challenge to put in practice all you have learned 

Нов поглед към Призванието

  • Разбиране на мъдростта на Изтока и Запада и как да я приложим.
  • 4те стълба на Призванието и как да ги приложим още сега

Дефиниране на личен кариерен профил

  • Матрица за определяне на личния аватар и роля
  • Креативно рисуване и въпросници за страстта
  • Саморефлексия 360 градуса обратна връзка и въпросници за таланта
  • Интуитивно упражнение за ценности
  • Наръчник и въпросник за определяне на мотивацията

Разкриване на най-подходящата реализация за личния кариерен профил

  • Личен проект за реализиране на Призванието

Избор на път към реализация на Призванието

  • Чрез 5 дневно предизвикателство за следване на призванието

Guided mediations, questionnaires and are sessions to discover:

Your passion

Those activities and roles that truly satisfy you and involve your genius.

Your talent

Talents and gifts that have the potential to become mastery and increase your net worth. 

Your values

What environment and teams are suitable for your flourishing

Your Avatar

Your personal  style and foundation for your personal brand.

What you get with your module:

Success stories

Димитър Апостолов
Димитър Апостолов
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Бих препоръчал на всеки познат търсещ себереализация и своето призвание. Уникална обстановка с прекрасни лектори влизащи в детайли, работа в екип и постоянна обратна връзка. Уютна обстановка с педантично изпипване на детайлите (рядко срещано), създаване на приятелска среда, всеотдайност и даване на максимум стойност. Благодаря за преживяването.
Христо Петров
Христо Петров
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Най-ценното за мен беше, че разбрах доколко това, което правя в ежедневието си се припокрива с моята сила. Когато сме наясно, кои са важните неща за нас, тогава можем да живеем живота на мечтите си, да даваме стойност на останалите и наистина да се кефим на това, което правим. Бих препоръчал и на други да се включат в този семинар, за да открият своето призвание и неговата конкретна реализация.

Now you have a choice:

You can risk squandering the most beautiful days and hours of your life on a job that isn’t meant for you.

You to take the leap into a career you love.

Discover and Live your Passion and Purpose now:

“Discover and Live your Passion and Purpose”

210 usd


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