In the AI era the future of work is human.

Voca Academy takes a holistic, humanitarian approach towards corporate training – there is no separation of personal and professional me.

We help Gen Z and Y overcome personal challenges, develop a success mindset and skills to be the best version of themselves

Voca for business

Help your employees become their best selves – productive, happy and transformed!


Imagine a world where engagement and personal effectiveness are a shared responsibility between employees and employers.

Voca Academy’s corporate program THE FUTURE OF WORK offers personalized micro-learning, gamified teamwork and daily progress checks and self-evaluations.
With each achieved level (result), employees receive a token that they can use to purchase programs and products from Voca Academy and its partners.

Got no time? Here is the timeframe of the program for employees:
2 hours of practical training per week for 4 weeks.
15 minutes per day applying what they’ve learned for 6 weeks.
1 hour of celebrating victories in week 7.

Here is the timeframe of the program for managers and team leads:
1 hour of introductory coaching.
1 hour of celebrating victories in week 7.


no match of personal and corporate goals

disengaged employees

Employees engage and become motivated when they see the intersection between their personal professional growth and the business objectives.The Path of the Calling gamified online masterclass allows employees to align within the organization and the team on an emotional level. 

poor focus and no prioritizing skills


Team productivity losses often go unnoticed. They are substantial – missed opportunities, errors, and unmet targets. In the United States alone, disengaged employees result in over $450 billion in losses annually. The Hero’s Journey masterclass creates a culture of productivity and efficiency in the team.

teams with low effectivness

lower shareholder ROI

A study by Towers Watson shows that companies with highly effective teams have a 47% higher shareholder ROI. The Goals masterclass supports employees to achieve their targets and discover blind spots which prevent them from doing so.

long and irrelevant corporate trainings

low training ROI and results

When learning is not personalized and adequate to the learner’s profile, employees lose passion and motivation for growth. Voca’s program is entirely practical and tailored to participants’ needs based in initial diagnostic and profiling.



Voca academy logo

Voca Academy offers gamified business programs for engagement, productivity, and personal effectiveness, where employees earn tokens when applying what they’ve learned!

Employees earn crypto tokens when achieving results in the program. They can use them to purchase educational products and services.

Voca Academy helps Gen Y and Z design a career they love and become the best version of themselves with a holistic, personalized and gamified training program.We support managers and team leads become transformational leaders and inspire with their presence. 


Assessment for learning style and productivity and engagement gaps. Learning tailored to individual profiles, workload, challenges and needs.


Setting meaningful personal and team goals that are relevant both for the individual and the organization.

Team roles and gamified challenges aimed at social learning, creating meaning and confidence.

Personal scoreboard tracking results and achieving learning goals. Gamified progress with rewards, roles and avatars.

Concise training materials and a workbook for reflecting on and applying the learning. Learn only what you need.

Bonus – a personal project for further development and sharing of what employees have learned.Opportunity for mentoring or showcasing achievements once results are achieved.  

Program outcomes:

Training focused on understanding and applying what you’ve learned – each step provides guidance for real-world application in a work environment.

Team and individual gamification – teams rally around collaborative improvements in the work process or work together towards achieving common goals.

Игровизация на лично ниво – аватари и роли в екипа. Всеки участник работи в роля за екипната цел и за индивидуална такава. 

Balance learning, practical application, time needed to achieve certain goals and an ever increasing challenge. Not too easy, not too hard.

Special reward upon application of learning and achieved results – Voca token.


What happens in the program

Each program includes 9 weeks of learning and application of acquired skills, plus 1 week of bonus for reflective self-improvement. The training is fully online and automated. 

Upon request it can be delivered live. 

какво ще се промени?

Резултати от програмата

Voca for business

какво е различното?

Как работи програмата Find Your Voice?

Find Your Voice не е просто поредното обучение за презентационни умения. Програмата е разработена чрез learning and experience design, които позволяват развитие, превръщането на уменията и компетенциите в поведения и трайни резултати.

Практически фокус и над 80% практика с обратна връзка и менторство за подобрение гарантира резултат.



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