Thrive Academy

Thrive academy helps you get into the next level of your career, life and business. Live your passion, purpose and personal genius. 

Thrive Academy helps you discover your calling and achieve goals that make you proud of yourself. Thrive Academy is for those who don't want to count the minutes until the end of the workday. For those who are ready to fulfill their dreams RIGHT NOW.

Training modules

helps you master 1 key success skill and mindset in 1 key aspect of your growth


2 to 4 training modules + individual support from our team

Thrive Academy

1 year subscription – the success MBA you need to take 



career and life vision

Create your reality harnessing the wisdom of the West and the East.



You move steadily towards your BIG goal every day.



Your goals are an achievable reality. You have the resources and skills to achieve them now.


no limits

Tap into the Force within you. Identify and transform limiting beliefs and patters. 


Personal effectivness

Learn to manage your energy, time, focus and prioritize. 


success mindsets and habits

Stay motivated, energized. learn to be the master of your mind, emotions and reactions. 



Be the creator of yourself. Live an inspired and inspirational live! 



We select mentors from our team and partners based on your needs!

Choose your training module in Thrive Academy.

Personal myth

Transform your limits ​

Transform limiting beliefs and thought patterns. Create healthy confidence, belief in your success and a mindset for growth. This training module helps you transform your life starting with your beliefs and self image.


Live your Calling​

Uncover the career path that will bring you fulfillment, sense of purpose and success. Find out what field, role, type of organization, and culture are most suitable for you. Create a roadmap for fulfilling your calling. This training module helps you rediscover your career and reinvent yourself!

4 elements

Four elements of success

This training module helps you master the foundation for realizing your personal genius and goals – money mindset and beliefs; emotional alignment with your higher self; discipline and energy and vision and clarity. When you master the 4 elements of success, everything becomes easy.

Академия от 1 до 100

Your Career and Business vision

Without clarity, direction, and vision, there’s no success. Create a career vision and a success and growth mindset that allows you to achieve your goals and create your reality. In the training module “Career and Business Vision,” you will craft a vision for your career and learn the secrets of effective visualization.


Achieve your goals

This training module helps you combine the most successful goal-setting practices and achieve a strategic goal. We help you discover which strategies for achieving goals work for you and which do not. Set your big audacious goal and achieve it with the support of our team!

Unlock your full potential, explore our masterclasses – 4 training modules + individual session and support from our team.


"The Hero's Journey"

This masterclass helps you become productive and focused in achieving your dream.



"Personal genius and mission"

This masterclass helps you to re-discover and live your purpose, passion and personal genius. 



"The path of dreams"

This master class helps you learn to set, achieve goals and create your reality. 


Success stories

Мария Календарска
Мария Календарска
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1 от 100 е платформа, от която светът отчаяно се нуждае. Просто още не го знае. Момичетата са уникални. Всеки, който има късмета да ги опознае не може да остане равнодушен. Сякаш не им стига, че имат цялата енергия, която е нужна, за да променят света, а искат и всеки да успее да промени своя. Като феи на мечтите и доброто, които по погрешка са попаднали в забързан и комерсиален свят. Но той се променя. Те го променят. И аз го променям. Ти. Тя. Той. Ние. Те. Всички, които са тръгнали по пътя на мечтите, за да станат най-добрата версия на себе си.
Ана Иванова
Ана Иванова
Педагог, Англо Амерканоското училище
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Имах нужда от посока, от яснота. Семинар, на който бях ми я даде, а програмата 1 от 100 ми помогна да реализирам целта си и да запазя тази яснота. Благодаря ви, момичета.
Емануела Шахинян
Емануела Шахинян
Creative director
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Чудесно измислена и построена платформа, която работи за реални, измерими резултати. Фокусът е изцяло в практически задачи, а за мен това е огромно предимство. Теоретичните материали са поднесени с лекота и на разбираем, близък език. Мисля, че всеки би могъл да открие приложение на наученото тук и така да надгради личната си стратегия!

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Заяви своя сертификат тук​

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